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Spray Tans

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From £10.50

Step into Sunshine!

A safe flawless looking tan throughout the year for Parties, Holidays, Weddings, Proms or just because you can!

Body contouring:  look toned, lean and thinner

Gents define your muscles or get extra!

Solglo spray tanning                     £15.50

Solglo half body                              £10.50

Solglo body contouring  from      £ 5.50

With a few tricks of the trade we can show off your best features and give you an instant confidence booster. We have taken spray tans to the next level, join the amazing contour craze!

Help and advice to get the best from your spray tan.

Before your tan

Have a patch test if you have sensitive skin
Exfoliate before your session using Solglow pre-tan body scrub. Pat particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and problem dry areas. After exfoliating, use a light non-oily moisturiser. We recommend Solglow pre-tan moisturising enhancer as this is oil free and will not create a barrier to the tan.
Paint nails and toes with a nail protector to prevent staining or yellowing.
If waxing, allow at least 24 hrs prior to treatment, to allow pores time to close before your treatment.

After your Tan

Wear loose fitting dark clothes and underwear. After your treatment, any tight clothing may rub against your skin and affect the final tan. Wear flip-flops or loose fitting shoes.
Do not shower or bath for at least 6 hrs, for ultimate results wait 10 hrs.
Do not exercise or swim during the development period. After showering /bathing pat dry.
Use Solglow tan extender before moisturising to prolong your tan.