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Permanent curls

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From £48.00
Duration: From 30 minutes

Love those curls!

Perming is the name known to create a chemical change to the hair to create permanent curls or waves. We will choose the correct perm, method and curl size dependent on the look required.

We do Spiral winds, Double winding, Piggyback, Stack winding, Directional or traditional nine section. Or you can have a root perm for style support.

Anyone can buy a box perm, but it can cause unforgiving damage if not done professionally so our advice is, have a professional one!

Conventional perm             £56.50

Spiral                                     £96.00

Root perm                            £51.00

                        long hair has an additional charge

All our perms include cut and finish

Why have perms?

To add body to the hair or support your current style

How long will it last?

It has to grow out usually around three months.

Will it damage my hair?

Like all chemical treatments your hair will be put under a small amount of stress so a consultation is essential. However if your hair is in good condition and the perm process is done correctly your hair will not be damaged.

Can anyone have a perm?

Perming is not suitable for everyone so a consultation is a must.